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Volunteers | Special Thanks

50th Anniversary Comittee

Members: Phyllis Chaloner (Chair), Con Dragu, Lynn Blanchette, Wilk Mah, Shauna Brady, David Metcalf

The 50th Anniversary Committee would like to thank the following individuals for their assistance in making this celebration special:

Logo design & invitations – Rhys Jones

History Booklet – submissions from Kevin & Shauna Brady, Phyllis Chaloner, Peter Clarke, Con Dragu, Marc Ficht, Robert Hurst, Gordon King, Wilk Mah, David Metcalf, Bill Pietz, Crystal Sinclair; and excerpts from the Member’s Handbook and Irish Tour booklet

Grounds & Facilities – Dave Bailey, Kevin Brady and Mel Dobson

And to the many volunteers who have helped to make this anniversary special.