High School Sevens Information

High School Sevens InformationThe Pirates are looking forward to welcoming everyone again for our annual High School Sevens Tournament.  We love hosting all of our local and out of town teams and work hard to make the event run as smoothly as possible, but we need the help of all attendees for this to happen.  With 32 teams participating, we are looking at around 400 players, plus coaches, trainers, and spectators.  As such, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and guidelines.  Thank you for taking the time to read through them and we will see you all on Friday!

What time will the facility and fields open?

The fields and facility will be open at 1:30 PM.  First games are scheduled for 3 PM.  Please be on time and ready to go for your games, as we need all games to finish promptly in order to get the tournament finished before it gets dark.  All teams are to check in at the concession when they arrive.

Where do I park?

The main parking lot on 167 Avenue will only be used for team buses, tournament volunteers, and referees. Please keep in mind parking will be extremely limited, so car pooling is encouraged for all volunteers and referees when possible. If coaches can, we kindly ask that they take the buses with their teams to save space.

Spectator parking will be accessed on 18 Street.  There is NO spectator parking in the main parking lot.  Parking attendants will be there to guide you to where to park on the grass.  Please follow their directions, as we are trying to make sure as many people can park as possible.  Again, carpooling is STRONGLY encouraged.

Main Parking_ Team Buses, Tournament Volunteers, and Referees ONLY

Is there a concession?

Yes, there will be a concession with a limited menu.  The concession is CASH ONLY!!  Prices for most items will be under $5 so please bring small currency if possible.

What about seating?

There are no outdoor stands, so please bring chairs if you need them.  Please do not remove chairs from the patio or clubhouse.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, but dogs are expected to be under control and on leashes at all times.  Dogs are also not allowed in the clubhouse, so keep the weather in mind when deciding whether to bring your pet or not.  All owners are expected to pick up after their dog.  Any dogs deemed to be acting overly aggresive will need to be removed from the property.

ALL PLAYERS: Cleats are NOT allowed to be worn in the clubhouse.