Banquet and Awards 2013

Thanks to all the Pirates and their friends and family who showed up to celebrate another great season of Pirates Rugby.  Below is the list of award winners for those who could not be there.

Junior Boys MVP: Tyree Quintal

Junior Girls MVP: Sara Cline

Women’s Rookie: Jessica Kampjes

Women’s MIP: Sara Rehberg

Women’s MVP: Sara Haring

Disco Cheetah: Veronica Haring

Men’s Rookie: Jarret Barton

Div 3 Men’s MIP: Tyler Hancock

Div 3 Men’s MVP: Nick Rumbles

Div 2 Men’s MIP: Paul Hokansson

Div 2 Men’s MVP: Tom Toma

Pig of the Year: John Vizza

Barf Kilips: Michael West

Sportsman of the Year: Sara Haring

Clubperson of the Year: Alexa Fleming